advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

Advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

For a beautiful and well-organized blog, WordPress is necessary. Before we came to know what is WordPress. If you are a new blogger who is reading this article want to start a free blog website without any investment then visit our blogging section. Here in this section, there is a lot of details for a new blogger. As we can start a blog with blogger or Blogspot domain, so why to choose WordPress? Also, there is enough comparison between Blogspot and WordPress. Here we are going to know the advantages of WordPress and some disadvantages of it with WordPress features and benefits.


Whenever we listen about WordPress,, and Both come in mind. Here we are going to know about the advantages of


So what are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?


advantages wordpress


Advantages of WordPress



Anyone can easily use and maintain it. It is also easier for a non-technical person to handle and maintain all. A non-technical person needs to learn some basic which is avail free to learn. No need to hire any technical person to do all the thing in this platform. So we can say it is cost effective to use it.



Easily the website made with it can be easily updated anywhere at any place. Just need an internet connection for that. Within a few minutes, the site can be updated either a blog site or a business website. ( the difference between a blog and a website )



These days and also coming future the use of mobile devices and tablets are increasing. This platform is offering responsive design. So need any extra work and cot to do that. Also, No need to code a single a line to do all the stuff for mobile and smaller devices.



Everybody wants to be updated so why not the website or blog. So here there is a vast choice of themes to make website design. A user can be customized as requires. It easy and time-saving to do all the design work through themes. We can say here the choice is vast for making a unique design with simple clicks.



For customizing the site there is vast of plugins. As the need to user desire choice, customization can be done. There is not only paid but also free plugins are there. The price of plugins is reasonable. But most of the plugins are free.



WordPress is vastly used for blogging proposes. A user can install it on own choice of hosting. Here a user can choose own domain name and self-hosting.



For any help, there is a large community of WordPress. Many developers are there to help at any situation and at any problem. From worldwide developers, a user can take any type of help and suggestions.



It is SEO friendly. The code written for this platform is clean and as search engine rules-based. So it is easily indexed by the site by search engines. A user can control all the SEO work to get higher rankings.



For spreading the business and content it is easier to do content marketing with this. Easily user can integrate social media for increasing reach.



A user can add many blogs and pages to it. It will not harm the whole site. By this user can increase the business and can reach more.



It easy to install a whole site by the user of this platform. Within some hours a full site can make working. All this set up can be done through a zero technical skill person.



Now, these days e-commerce business is increasing, so by WordPress user can build e-commerce business site. For this there a popular plugin name woo-commerce is there for WordPress. By this user can be made a less e-commerce site with less investment for the website itself.


Above we have discussed the advantages of WordPress and now for disadvantages.


disadvantages of wordpress


Disadvantages of WordPress



If a user is using many plugins to customize the site, it makes site heavier and can be slow down the whole site. For that, it can harm the business.



It is made with full of PHP codes. So any changes need to do in the internal codes need to learn PHP or need o take help of a technical skill person with PHP.



Sometimes data can be deleted with the updates or any silly mistake done. It needs to take a backup copy.



Need to update all the plugins and themes whenever it asks for an update. When its time to update the WordPress itself then several things to do.



As the platform is open source, security is less here. The codes used in plugins and themes can contain bugs and spam and it can harm our whole site.


Here we are discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress. Hope the user is reading this finds helpful. For more update regarding the blog, SEO and other blogging related do visit our website. Any question keep a comment.




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