ways to monetize your blog

Best ways to monetize your blog

After starting a new blog either with Blogger or with Blogspot domain or through WordPress, then user plans to monetize it make money through blog. There is a difference for income in between Blogger Vs WordPress. The platform we are using need to monetize as our need. We may think, by only ads we can make money from the blog. But there are many ways to we monetize our blog. We are going to know the best ways to monetize your blog. Now the reader is reading this, going to know great knowledge ways to monetize your blog.



So what are the best ways to monetize your blog?




The first thing comes in mind monetize through adds. The websites or other blogs we are visiting, we see adds there. Most of the time we notice Google adds. The adds by Google is showing there by Google Adsense. The reader will find a details post about Adsense in our make money section. By Google adds or through ad network user can monetize his/her blogs.

But for Google adds user needs to approve the site from Google and then the site will eligible to show adds on it.




Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is a famous and easy way to monetize your blog. It is all about providing a good and right review about a product. The product which you are using write the perfect review about that product and there post the affiliate link for that product.

The link will find the product from which you were bought. Through that link, the user will buy that product and the product provider will give the affiliate link owner some amount. The amount is varying according to the company. For example, if Amazon is giving 5% of that product at the time for the same product Flipkart may give 6% or less amount.

As a website owner, the user can find a hosting service affiliate link. That link user needs to put on the blog and make money form that.

User need to active affiliate account from the service provider.





As a website or blog owner, you have some knowledge about website management and design. If you are an owner of WordPress based blog site then you have many ideas about a WordPress blog site. After some days of managing these sites, you can get enough knowledge on this. With this knowledge, you can give freelancing service and earn money from this.

By the website or blog you can make your add for freelancing and by that get a client. As every website or blog has a facebook page and Instagram page. By that, you can give a freelancing add and get client then make money.




Advertising and sponsorship

Find the right advertiser for your niche based blogs or website and according to that, you can put adds from different companies and organizations. For that, you can get a good amount of money. You need to find the right add placing client for your blog.

With sponsorship, you can also make a good amount of money. You can get some local or if you have a country based traffic, by that finding sponsorship. This is also a great way o make money and monetize your blog.




Online course

According to your passion and ability make an online course. It can be about cooking, content writing, SEO, or any other technical topic. The topic that you can do your best and can solve every question for you course buyers choose that topic. This is a famous way to make money by blog or an online course website.




Selling your products

If you have any products to sell online or if you want to buy a huge amount of a particular product and want to sell it. By your blog or with a separate website link to your blog site and then sell them through this. This will be more beneficial for you.


Conclusion about ways to monetize your blog

By the above-discussed ways, a user can monetize the blog. The reader now reading this hope get some idea about monetizing. Want to learn more about blogging, SEO, make money and other tips visit our website. If you have any question do a comment.


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