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Blogspot vs wordpress which is better and why

For starting a blog, a user can use free stuff without investing anything and also, a user can choose to the paid platforms. One of the most famous free platform to start a blog proving by Google and that is The person who is planning to start a blog ( blog and website the difference  ), defiantly ever hear about these two famous platforms. Also, may get confused to choose between Blogspot Vs WordPress. here we are going to know deep about BlogSpot Vs WordPress and the difference between BlogSpot and WordPress.

Note: if you want to know about free platforms to start a blog site, here is the solution.

Blogspot Vs WordPress: which blogging platform to choose and why?

As we these days we can find many videos and tutorials to learn WordPress and also to learning WordPress is easy. Also, we can notice the BlogSpot platform is so easy than WordPress. So do not get confused, let us compare both.

Blogspot or Blogger blogging platform:

As we know BlogSpot, is the blogger platform and this is owned by Google. All this with blogger platform is operated by Google. Till now it is running, but it can be possible Google can shut it down.

If anyone wants for blogging for passion not for money, it is the right platform. Anyone can share the thoughts through blogger. If you are a starter and want to start a blogging platform without investment, start through blogger.

If you want to learn to make a blog site through visit here to learn step by step. And, the main part of the blogger is, no need any technical skill. The person having zero technical skill can use this. No need to learn a one word for coding.

In SEO ( visit here to know what is SEO  ) point of view, it is as good as WordPress. It is free. Without zero money you can own a website or blog ( the difference between blog and website ).

Blogger has also, very limited tolls to use. Also, according to your need, you cannot extent the tools.

In the point of appearance, blogger has very limited in this case. You can change all these provided by blogger according to your need. You can find less non official template but there is also limitations.

In the point of security, blogger is great. As a blogger, the blogspot platform is owned by Google. So as we know Google is tech giant, so there is no compromise in security.

Here is almost zero support user can find if any need there.

WordPress blogging platform

After Blogger the BlogSpot platform, then come to WordPress. With it, we can make a free site or a self-hosted website. Here our website is self hosted WordPress site.

As to start a self hosted WordPress site it need to invest some amount, so it can be use as passion and money proposes. Than Blogger in this user can make more money.

To start a WordPress and self hosted site, technical skill is mandatory. Without any knowledge, it will be a problem to start a blog site. The user needs to learn some and also, on the internet there are vast things available.

As in the Blogspot platform no need any installation and any type of server maintenance. But in this platform need to install WordPress and user has to maintain all the things with the server taken for.

In SEO point it is best. There are many SEO plugins are available to use. Also, in our WordPress category, we will discuss more plugins.

There are many themes, tools are there for this. According to user need, it can be customized.

The hosting ( hosting meaning ) user taken to run the site, there is support available in case of need. The hosting provider has always there for help.

In case of security it less secure than Blogspot. As the hosting or server, we are taking, it depends on them for security. For more secure hosting if the user is choosing, it needs more money for investing.

Conclusion about BlogSpot Vs WordPress

As from the above, we can definitely find the best one in between BlogSpot Vs WordPress. If the user wants a simple blog Blogger is best and go for that. But for more professional site and blogs WordPress is best to choose. WordPress is also an open source software anybody can use it make an awesome blog. But for having a fresh and having zero knowledge Blogspot is best.

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