google domain name registration step by step process

Google domain name registration step by step process

For starting a blog or website, a domain name needs must.  Also, there is a platform to create a free blog site. We all use Google search or many products of Google. Also, to buy or register a domain name for blog or website we can still do it by Google. If you have any doubt on how to choose a domain name,  visit our domain section to know more about it. From this post, we are going to discuss the Google domain name registration step by step process.

Here the reader now reading this post will know Google domain name registration step by step process and after reading this post the reader can easily register a preferred domain name after.


So now come to our point Google domain name registration step by step process.


Before choosing a domain name from Google, the user need to make a Gmail ID. If the user has no Gmail ID, then visit here to make one.

After having a Gmail ID visit Google domain registration website.

Here we are informing you that there are two websites from Google and one is in Beta phase and other is the stable website.

The beta phase website is  and the stable website is By these two websites, the user can register a new domain by Google.

We are recommending you to visit After visiting this website the opening interface will be like below


google domain



Then click on Search Domains at the left corner of the web page as above picture shows. After clicking on that button the next web page will be like below.


google domain buy



In this, you sign in with your Gmail ID by click on the sign in button at the right top corner.


google domain sign in


As the above-mentioned image as you can notice there is an input field and at that input filed type your preferred domain name and click on search icon at the immediate left of that input filed.

Then you will see the lists of your searched names with the extensions like .com, .net, .org etc. According to your requirement click on  ‘ +  ‘ at the right of that domain name.


google domain ad to cart



After that you will see a popup box displaying that go to cart, just click on that and a new webpage will open. Like the image below.


check out google domain



Then choose your preferred options and click on CHECK OUT below. After that, a new webpage will appear and that is asking for your data like name, address etc. Then click on save and continue.

At the final webpage, you will be asking for payment. Pay your money with your options mention at that place. Then click on the BUY button on the right side below.


google domain buy button


So, as we discussed above that Google domain name registration step by step process and hope that the answer of search Google domain, is the right place the reader is reading this post.



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