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How many types of seo are there

For a beginner before starting a blog or website ( the difference between blog and website ), need to know what is a blog. If the person wants to start a free blog site also there are many options. Without any investment means with zero investment a blog site can be started. For a blog or website, SEO is also an important part. If you have any doubt what is SEO and why we need for SEO, just visit our SEO section to know more about it. There are many types of SEO. We may hear about the types of SEO but here we are going to know details about how many types of SEO are there.


So how many types of SEO are there or what are different types of SEO?

Basically, there are three types of SEO.

White hat SEO

Black hat SEO.

Grey hat SEO.


White hat SEO

This is the SEO technique that follows rules and regulation of search engines. This method we use the rule and regulation according to Google to get the ranking of our website and blogs. It helps to increase SERP ( search engine results pages ).

This way it helps to improve organic ranking with the safest way as it follows all rules and regulations of search engines. It is less chance to face a negative impact of an updated algorithm.

In this method to get the result takes longer but the result is permanent and will be forever.

In this white hat SEO method, there are many pints user needs to focus. The quality content, the HTML  structure of the post or article, social sharing of contents, SEO friendly website, image SEO etc. These are all about white hat SEO. This technique acquires to get ranking in the rules and with the safest way.

Here is the list of some great writers about the perfect and in rules SEO guides visit and keep update yourself.  Neil Patel and Moz.


types of seo white hat


Black hat SEO

It is the opposite of white hat. In this way, the ranking can be done faster. It is a costly process as it takes shortcuts and for this need to invest some amount. All the steps happen here is the against Google webmaster guidelines.

Black hat method works against of search engine algorithm. Take a risk and work for ranking by this method. For the website or for the content for which this black hat method works, it can be banned from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

In this method, users do spam methods to get a higher ranking. Like keyword stuffing, means the main keywords uses more than requiring the rule. Links hidden posts or website, texts or contents are kept hidden etc. Also, redirecting links that user does not need. All this methods and techniques are against rules.

We may listen about PBN the private blog networks are also famous and most usable black hat method. Paid backlinks is another famous method in this category. Later in our blogging section, the detail about these will be posted.

In black hat, a huge traffic can be sent to the particular website or post. But this is not permanent. As it grows faster also reduce down so faster. In one sentence the ranking can be achieved in this method for a less time period.


types of seo black hat


Grey hat SEO

This method is neither white nor black hat method. We can say this method is the mixing of both. A user does not usefully white or black hat method. Transformation occurs from white hat to black and black to white.

Most of the case this method uses by SEO companies as they have to deliver faster output to clients. Also, in some case due to pressure, some employees do this.

Paid for growing followers in social media. Buy expired domains. To get positive reviews and higher ratings, these are the best example of a grey hat SEO.


types of seo grey hat


Most common types of SEO uses in the digital world

As a digital marketer or SEO professional, hear about on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. in the On-page user needs to focus title tag, meta tag, meta description, image alt tag, internal links, outbound links etc. Off-page, the user needs to focus link building, web 2.0 submission, directory submission etc.

We will discuss more all this in the SEO section. The details about each of on-page and off-page is going to publish.


types of seo on page and off page


In this article, we discussed how many types of SEO are there. Details about types of SEO is here. Always prefer white hat method to lasts longer and get result slower. In some cases need to follow the grey hat method. Never use black hat method as it is very harmful and it gives a short time pleasantly.


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