how to get a free domain name for your blog

How to get a free domain name for your blog

For starting a blog website need to get a domain and need to get hosting. For a new to blogging has not may to interest to invest some amount and definitely start a search for free stuff like free server hosting and free domain name. Also, if anybody wants then can start a free site with zero investment and there are options for websites that are providing free blog site. Here we are going to know how to get a free domain name for your blog and free domain providers.

The person who wants to start a new site and new to blogging, this is the right place to know about free domain providers and other blogging related stuff.

So how to get a free domain name for your blog and who are the free domain providers?

If we go with the rules and other terms then it is not possible to get a free domain as we have to give some fee to ICANN. If we have to take top-level domains like .com, .in, .org or .net then it is not possible.

If you are getting a free domain, there may the domain provider pushing adds. If you are finding such a deal then read all the term and condition for that. If you are choosing such a deal then there is a way, how to choose a domain name?

Yes, we can get a free domain name by the best hosting providers. With the hosting package we can a free domain name but not totally free.


We can use this top hosting provider Bluehost. They are providing unlimited website hosting with a small price and the service and supports are good from them. With the hosting package, a user can get a free domain name. After 1-year user can transfer the domain to other domain providers.

By choosing this package we user can save some money which the user may have to spend for a domain name.


Like Bluehost, Hostinger is also providing a free domain with the hosting plan choosing. You have to choose a long-term hosting plan and enjoy a free domain name with that.


We all know about this. This company is the best domain registrar in the world. We all know about domain provider company, but we may not know about this that they also provide hosting and choosing a long-term hosting, a user can get a free domain.

From the above discussed top level hosting providers user can get a free domain and if you are choosing such, then read all the terms and conditions before buying.

Other ways to get a free domain name

Free .tk, .ml

User can get domain extensions like .tk, .ml, .ga like domain extensions from domain providers. So if you are hungry to get a free domain then you can choose this, but there are terms and before choosing to read all conditions. Sometimes they are charging money after a year.

Note: They can delete your domain as it is free. Choose this with your own risk.

Free subdomain

A user can a free subdomain like the name before a domain name. is a subdomain. Blogger is providing Blogspot .com. This is also a subdomain.

From we can choose a subdomain. Subdomains are totally free and these are static websites. Without a database user can go for these free site providers.

Conclusion about free domain providers

From the above post hope the reader now reading this get the idea about a free domain. In our opinion go and choose a paid domain from Namecheap, GoDaddy or any other domain registrar. For more details about this visit our domain section.

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