how to pick a good domain name for your blog

How to pick a good domain name for your blog

For starting a blog or website (the difference between blog and website ), a user needs to have a domain name. If you have any doubt regarding domain name, then visit our domain section and know the details. So for a new blogger, it may difficult to choose a domain name. Here we are going to discuss how to pick a good domain name for your blog. There are many factors to keep in mind before choosing domain names. Step by step we are going to inform how to pick a good domain name for your blog or website.


Anyone who wants start a blog or a website for business, a domain name is just for that. But to choose a good or right domain name is also matters.


So how to pick a good domain name for your blog or website?


Best to choose .com

As we know whenever we go for a search for anything else on the internet we always see many .com domains and we love to click and visit that website most of the time.

The .com domain is the most usable and memorable domain extension. We also see .net .pizza or .blog, but try the best search for the .com domain.

The .com domain is also easy to remember and we many time see that when a person or anybody goes for a search, for a particular name, that person always type .com.

So always search the best for your required domain name.


Choose a short name

Always try to choose a domain name to be short and easy to remember. If a long name you are choosing, then it may be difficult for your visitors for remember.

The best is the domain which you are choosing should content the maximum of 15 characters. Most of the cases it is observed that 15 characters long domains are easy to remember.


Avoid hyphen

If the domain name you are searching for is not available and you go for the same name by putting a hyphen, it may be the reason for a spam domain.

Also, the hyphen contain domains has a bad impression for the visitors.

So always try for the clean and user-friendly domain name.


Avoid letter repeats

For example, you are taking a domain name to let’s take example WorrdPresss. Here ‘ r ‘ and ‘ s ‘ are repeated. So it may a great reason for the traffic drop for your website.

So at the time of choosing domain name keep remembering to avoid repeated letters.


It is best to have a keyword

The blog website is about on the topic and the domain name that you are choosing is that topic related word is the best to choose that domain name.

For example, in our domain name as we are sharing basic tips and the domain name has the keyword.

So always choose the keyword related domain name.



Easy pronounceable

If the domain is easy to spell and pronounce, the person who is visiting your website, it will be easier for that person to write and share your domain name.

So always find easy words for your domain name.



If the domain name is unique and contains like a brand name. So it attracts readers for visiting your blog website again and again.

So choose a unique branding name.


So the above part we are mentioned about how to pick a good domain name for your blog. Also, if you are a starter you can go and try for a free blog website. Click here to know more about free blog website and the details how to make it for free.


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