learn all about what is wordpress for beginners

Learn all about what is WordPress for beginners

The word WordPress we may hear once or often. If a person chooses to start blogging or make a new website, that person may come across this word. Also, for a blogger who chooses for starting blogging career or part-time blogger, it is a famous platform for bloggers. For a free blogger platform wordpress.com is there and for custom management, wordpress.org is there. Later we will discuss the difference between both. If you are a beginner for blogging and even do not know about WordPress, you are at the right place where we will learn all about what is WordPress for beginners.


For a blogger and who wants custom designs according to choice, at that point, WordPress is used. But for wordpress.com there are so many limitations, so it is best for a blogger to use wordpress.org.


If we search to

Learn all about what is WordPress for beginners,

we can find many answers to this question. As a software makes easier to work for a specific area. For example, if we are using video editing software, for that particular work video editing that software helps us.

So like that WordPress is also a software. It is a software with the framework for the blogging platform. It is an open source software. The whole coding for WordPress is written with PHP (it is a coding platform ). Many websites also made with WordPress. ( Difference between blog and website to know click here ).

For blogging, we have to share many contents like text, images, videos etc. So with WordPress, it is much easier to do all this. As is called CMS (content management system ).



How does this WordPress platform work?

As we know the website will open or we can browse this through our any browser. So WordPress is a platform that made with that coding platform like HTML, CSS, PHP etc. that codes a browser can read.

WordPress is a script that user has to install it on the server ( about hosting and server visit here ). Without any coding knowledge, anyone can use this WordPress platform.

There is also wordpress.com and it is a hosted version still anyone can use it.

When we create a new blog, a new page has to create. So with WordPress t is easier and faster to do this.

The whole website management (the difference between blog and website ), content management, SEO ( search engine optimization ), a responsive website all this can be easily managed through WordPress and no need any coding knowledge.


To learn all about what is WordPress for beginners, this is all about this. To know more regarding WordPress, hosting stay here.


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