off page seo checklist 2019

Off page seo checklists

To start a blog or website, need to learn SEO. It is the thing that can provide free traffic to our websites. Through SEO user can get organic traffic. Like on-page SEO needs to do off page SEO. Not only on page matter but also off page matters. Need to do both to get higher rank in SERP. As the year is changing the techniques and trends are also changing. Here we are going to know off page SEO checklist for the year 2019. Before we have discussed on page SEO checklist for the year 2019.

Like on page SEO there are several things to do for off page SEO. It is also a ranking factor to get a higher ranking.

What are the off page SEO checklists for the year 2019

1-  Make a brand

We all know about best digital marketer Neil Patel. The name is the brand. He is known as the best online marketer all over the world. Like him need to make a brand and start from a root. No need to do fast. Learn the things and apply that in your area.

Remember always people go and search for a brand. If you are new and also you have the great ability than other, but people do not know you. They will never choose you. So always start branding. There are several ways to make branding. Just learn them and go for those.

2- Social media

This time social media has a powerful power to get traffic and making an audience through. Need to make sharable content for social media and need to give social media share link on our post page.

According to the site, the name needs to make pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The content is publishing on site need to post on these platforms. Linkedin, Pinterest, google plus, these are also social media with high DA. Need to share content here also.

There are also other platforms to share our post. Like tumbler, etc. By sharing here site can get traffic as well as a backlink.

If the reader now reading this has any doubt about backlink, then visit our SEO section, there the answer will get.

3- Directory submission

This is another way to do off page SEO. This is one of the most important of page SEO checklist.

Here need to submit the whole website according to site category. These sites are having high PR and DA. This provides a high-quality backlink.

Before submitting site on directory submission sites need to check the DA and PR of that site. Higher is the DA and PR will help to get a higher rank.

4- Social bookmarking

Like directory submission this one also an important part of off page SEO checklist. Need to submit post link on the bookmarking site.

Like in our browser we are using a bookmark, sites like,, etc are providing bookmarking.

The old site now is

As these sites have high PR, so this submission gives a quality backlink.

5- Article submission

Like the name needs to do accordingly. There are several other article posting sites with high PR and DA. like, etc. Here also user can share the posts that are posting on site.

This will help to give a high-quality backlink. Also, the sites where articles are submitting they are famous sites. After submitting there the site owner can get traffic and the site will get famous through this.

6- Guest posting

Guest posting also needs to as off page SEO checklist to get a high-quality backlink. Need to choose a site according to your niche or category. Then need to contact that site owner and do a post and there post your site link. That will provide a high quality do follow backlink.

Through that guest site, it can easily get high traffic and your site will famous. Choose according to your site category and then post by that site owner.

By searching through search engines you can find the lists of sites that are providing guest posting.

7- Blog commenting

This method for off page SEO the reader now reading this may hear or know about it. As this method is using to increase backlinks. When you are doing a blog commenting check the category and DA of that site or blog page.

Better DA will help better and quality backlink. As you can notice there is a place below this post showing some fields like name, email, website, and comment. This is the blog commenting section.

off page SEO for the year 2019

in every blog, you can see this type of section for commenting. This is the famous technique using for off page SEO.

8- Video sharing

As video content is developing day by day, need to make video content of text content and share it on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Also, need to add small video on Instagram, twitter, and facebook. On Facebook, you can add both video and text content link.

This one is a new and growing technique for off page SEO.

9- High PR forum submission

Forum submission needs to focus and check on the page rank of that submission site. If that site PR s higher then it will help to get a high-quality backlink.

10- Image sharing

Flicker, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on this social media platform we can share images of our content. With that image, we can easily attach the text content link and get traffic through that platform.

This is also a famous and new technique for page SEO. DO this and get high-quality backlink and traffic.

11- Question answering

Like Quora, yahoo answer etc these are famous for the question and giving answer to that question. As we can notice on this platform if someone is asking a question then another one is answering and giving a link to that answer related. So that the link of the website is getting a backlink and as the question-answer site has high DA with high PR, that helps to get a high-quality backlink.

If you are getting any question form these platforms and the ability to get the right answer, so do answer and post that content on your site and also post that link on that answer.

This a best off page method to get traffic with a high-quality link for your site and blog.

12- Improve your site DA ( domain authority )

As DA is a matter to get a higher rank. Need to work on this. Do high-quality link to get higher DA.

For this need to link your site with higher DA site and that will help to increase your site DA.

Keep in mind the DA of that site to which you are linking your site if has higher DA like 35 and more then it is the best to link that site. Minimum DA should be 20 to get a link.

Conclusion about off page SEO checklists

On above we are discussed off page SEO checklists for the year 2019 and hope the reader is now reading this has been got the idea about it. If any doubt do comment and for more stuff like this visit our website regularly.

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