search engine optimization techniques seo for 2019

Search engine optimization techniques seo

In blogging, SEO is playing an important role in getting free traffic. This traffic the owner of the content or website gets from search engines like Google and Yahoo etc. This is the organic and free traffic that a website or content gets. SEO trends change every year. Some new techniques and strategies are adding. Here we are going to know search engine optimization techniques SEO for 2019. The new and fresh techniques that are required for 2019 SEO, we are going to know.

The most important points that have to keep in mind for creating a new content and also for a new website to get the right SEO. These time to work according to and place back to your competitor.

If you have a business website then, search engine optimization techniques SEO for 2019 is also required for generating more business and earn more money. For blog or content, how it is important for the business website, it is also important.

So what are the search engine optimization techniques, SEO for 2019 to get rank higher?

1 – Voice search

This voice search we all may be using but how is this affects for seo we may have no idea. Every day we may use it but we may have not focusing it implementing it on our business site or blog sites.

Now, these days we all know the demand for mobile and smartphones are increasing more and more. With a smartphone, there is an assistant by Google or may have Siri by Apple.

Not onlymobiles but also there is other voice command speakers like Amazon echo or Google voice. Need to work for both these devices and for mobiles.

In the year 2018 voice search also get more attention and this is going to increase more for the year 2019. This trend has already been started. Voice search is a much easier way to get some required information from the internet. This trend is increasing and will increase in a much faster way. Before that need to get more attention to voice SEO.

2 -Technical SEO

Voice search directly depend upon technical seo. As the voice search is search the contentfrom the web and the results coming according to user’s requirements, from thatresult the device responds to the user.

In this technical SEO section, there is some major parts need to focus. Like website speed, JavaScript, fully mobile responsive, AMP for mobiles.

Website speed – We have to focus to speed up our websites. The faster that loads then more chances will increase for higher rank. This depends on theme and hosting we have taken for our website. In-voice, search device has to show the result much faster way. If site speed is more then it will show the answer from this site. Owner of a site needs to check itthrough Google page speed, GTmetrix etc.

JavaScript – Website uses JavaScript frameworks. This can cause the site slower. So owner need to use less. 

Mobile responsive – As we discussed earlier in the voice search section that user of mobiles is increasing. The loading design of a site is different than loading site from pc or laptop to mobile. So the site needs to open in proper and with all content in the mobile browsers. For that need to use the responsive theme if the site is made with WordPress or need to proper coding if the site is fully customized.

AMP – It stands for accelerated mobile pages. For mobiles, this works. Like the name, this uses for fast loading of web pages in slower connections. Owner of the site needs to implement this for faster loading mobiles.

3 – Use of trends

The topic or content on which has to work, need to check the search trends of that. An owner can use BuzzSumo and Google Trends for that. Owner needs to check that topic trends and the search time period of that.

According to that search volume and whole year trends need to work.

4 – Google business

We all may know about Google business. We may also do not know that it can help to generate more organic traffic for our business. Need to add the site and business about. The search term according to your business needs to put in the keyword section when adding your business in Google business. 

According to need client search, the things and our site will get traffic. If one has blog content. Then need to add posts on content. It has more impact on our business and also for our content.

5 – Video on landing page

As we all know like text content video contents are also getting more famous now these days. Need to add embedded video on our landing page. The search person will land on that and that will convert to site.

In the year 2019 video content is going to more famous. The bounce rate will become less and it will help to achieve a higher ranking.

6 – Relevant content

Content helps to improve the true SEO. With text need to add video content. This is the most relevant point for the year 2019.

According to keyword need to post video and text content. According to niche need to post popular contents and get traffic. Content going to play a great role in search engine optimization techniques SEO for 2019. So with proper keyword research need to post content.

7 – Proper on page SEO

It is also the most important SEO like technical SEO. This on page trends is going to continue in 2019.

The details about on page and off page will find in our SEO section. For that visit our site. So put focuses on, on the page and need to apply all term coming in this category. Do not leave a silly mistake for on the page. This will affect them in getting the higher ranking.

8 – Keyword research

In these days completion is increasing higher and higher. For that need to focus on proper keyword research. The keyword is not has any good search volume, neednot to left that one. By that small traffic our site can be get popular. If the content is relevant then the user may share the content and by that other content will get traffic.

Have to focus long-tail keywords rather than short. In a long-tail, it can easily be rank short and required keywords. In that long tail need to add our focus shorttail. The keyword which one user wants to work on, need to check the trend of that keyword.


According to the new trends of 2019, above we have discussed the details search engine optimization techniques SEO for 2019. The reader who is reading this, hope to get relevant. Visit our website to get more required content like this.

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