what are the free blog platforms sites for 2019

what are the free blog platforms sites

After getting some idea about what is blogging then what is a domain name and hosting meaning. To start a blog or website (the difference between blog and website ), it needs some money to invest. It is not required any huge amount to invest but still some amount need. But, we may ever think about to make a free blog site. So what are the free blog platforms sites? Here we will discuss the free blog sites lists.

By these lists, you can make a free blog website. All these sites are famous and very easy to make a blog website. No need to learn any coding and all these sites providing templates, just use them and enjoy your free website. So the question about what are the free blog platforms sites, we will discuss and suggest some ideas about that to make free blog sites.

So what are the free blog platforms sites for 2019?


On your Pc or Laptop visit wordpress.com. Then click get started. Input your email and a secure password. Here you will be asked a username. The username should be unique. The username will be the website or your blog name. You will be allotted a subdomain site name.

For understanding let’we take a username is an example. The website or blog name will be example.wordpres.com. if the username you want is not allotting, then simple add any number it will be there.

It is a free blog and website platform and also a famous one. No need any hosting or domain name to buy. Just choose a username and input your email and password.

So many templates and designs are there. Just choose them and use it.


Next is blogger.com. It is also a famous platform to make a free blog site. It is the product of Google. Than wordpress.com it is also much easier.

To start with this you need to make a google mail id or gmail id. By that mail, you will be login to this platform.

Sign in through your gmail id. Then like wordpress.com here also you need to choose a unique username and that will be your blog site name. Like if your taking example of your site name then example.blogspot.com will be your site name.

After choosing a site name then there you also need to choose a free template to design your design.

Do all these above discussed settings and then click on new post. Then start your blogging journey career.

Main point about blogger, we can monetize it make money. About monetization, we will discuss at our make money section.

All this you need a Pc or Laptop.


We may listen about this. It is also a free content sharing platform. The content what we shares at wordpress.com and blogger, that we can share with medium.com.

the As name suggests it is a medium to start and share your thinking and contents to all.

Just visit medium.com. Then click sign in. With google, twitter, facebook, or with your email, you can create a new medium account.

Also, choose a unique name here. That will be your medium name. Like exmaple is your username then medium.com/example will be your medium site name.

So, if you are choosing a free blog platform then go for medium.


Wix is also a free site platform. using it we can make a free website and free blog site. it is also a easy platform.

Just visit wix.com. With facebook, Gmail, or with manually inserting your data you can create wix account id.

Then choose a template and in the account setting, you can choose your preferred username.

Then enjoy your free site. No need any coding knowledge. Just drag and drop and make a beautiful site.


With squarespace.com we can make an awesome website or our blog site. So visit the site and choose a template and then choose your account details.

Also, with Google, Facebook, you can sign up here.

Then choose your site title and other things you need to setting it up.

But first, you can choose it as trial basis after it will ask some money. It is on you to pay the money or leave it to choose the above discussed platforms.

All the free site platforms discussed above are free for blog and website. But only squarespace.com asks money after a certain time.

if you choose all these platform it will be best choose and use the same username with all these.

Also, you will need a Pc or Laptop to all the work for a free site.

We hope for your question what are the free blog platforms sites for 2019, are discussed by us and you got the right idea to start with.

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