what is a domain name

what is a domain name

Before launching a new website or blog, there is a need of domain name and then a hosting. If you have any doubt regarding the difference between a website and a blog you can visit here for more information. So, what is a domain name? We should know about this first.

Then we will know about hosting. To know more about hosting visit here.

For a blog or a website first, there is a need of domain name. To understand easily we are taking an example like your name. Let us assume your name is XYZ. So everyone knows you by that name XYZ.

If there is maybe a question in your mind that if your name is XYZ, also there may other persons also name may be the same XYZ.

But for a website or a blog, the name is only one. Now your reading about what is a domain name. The website form which you are reading this question is also a domain name. Here mybasic.info is the domain name.


What is a domain name?

The definition:

Domain name is the identity on the internet. The domain name of your is the unique identity of your on the internet.

For every website or blog, business, and for an organization, a domain name is a key for growing a business or a website or a blog or an organization. Let’s us take an example if somebody wants to access web-based service of an organization or a business or searching answers for a question on the internet, for that, a domain name must needs. For register, a domain name user should choose the extension like .com, .net, .org or any other of the user choice. Like here the domain extension is .info.

If a user wants a particular name with a particular extension, and that not found at that case user has to change the extension. Like this domain mybasic.info we did not found .com, .net, .org. So we choose .info, as we have to take the name MYBASIC.

Every domain name has two parts and these two parts separated by . (dot) like here mybasic.info.

Also, we should notice for some domain name www is there and some there is not the www before the domain name.

WWW stands for world wide web. For short domain, some domain owner does not use www.

Every URL has a unique domain name. Here mybasic.info is the domain name and the whole is the URL.  This is the whole URL (https://www.mywpbasic.com/what-is-a-domain-name/ ).

For every domain, there is a unique IP address or it may a group of  IP address.

It is not easier to remember the IP address, so we choose a domain name and that is easy to remember.

These are all about what is a domain name? From our best of knowledge, we hope that you definitely got your answer form here.


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