what is the difference between cloud vs server

what is the difference between cloud vs server

As a new to blogging and do not have basic ideas about what is a blog, the difference between a blog and a website and also what is hosting. As we know to start a self-hosted blog we have to choose a domain name and a hosting. But we can notice when we go to choose a hosting then we face various types of hosting are there. As we know hosting is to choose a server for our blog or website. Then we may hear about cloud and hosting. So here we are going to know the difference between cloud Vs server.


There are different types of hosting. If you have any doubt about hosting visit our hosting section and explore more about it.


So what is the difference between cloud Vs server?

what is a cloud server

What is a cloud server?

We can say this type of server is deployed with mostly high-end hardware and the computers connect to this by virtualization. Through virtual, the connected computers work. Than dedicated server, in a cloud server, the server can be set up quickly. The best feature of this is at the time of more requirement the size of memory can be increased.

It takes less time to deploy all the setup. Within some time period, it can make a cloud server setup.

Taking data backup and switching from data centers can be easily done.

In cloud servers, there is multiple servers are there for a particular client. At the time of need, the servers can be accessed and removed automatically after use.

As in this type of server, there is multiple servers are connected each other so, if one server from its fails, other will take place. The user can get constant service without any fail. This is a great advantage of the cloud server.

The entry cost of the cloud server is less and the cost increases as the requirement increase.

Security of the cloud server is great than dedicated servers.


what is a regular server


What is a regular server?

In this type of server, a user has to install hardware, software and other requirements. The process is slower and time-consuming. It can be taken even a week.

The user or client take rent this type of server or can be purchased the full server for a big business. The rent taken can be monthly wise or can be yearly wise.

A user can face downtime on this servers. This server uses third-party tools for backup and for other requirements.

In this types of hardware, bandwidth and other requirements are a limit for a user.

Without technical knowledge, a user can use this in shared type hosting. It is user-friendly. Easy to use and handle all the technical parts.

Security is less here. Loading time is slower as more sites are containing by a single server.


Which type of server is requiring our business and site user needs to choose. There are vast options to go with.

Hope the reader is reading this now has got the basic idea about the difference between cloud Vs server. Choose the best type according to your need.


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